Day 55: Ms. Thomas 7th Grade Science

In 7th grade science we are studying weather. The students used paper lanterns to represent the Earth. Each metal ring represented a different latitude on the Earth. Another student used a light meter in the back of the lantern and measured the amount of light that was received from the sun.

Day 54: Miss Toby’s 8th Grade Guidance Class

The 8th Grade Guidance Class is currently working on their “Create a Company” Project. This project is related to their initial Pathway choice for the High School! For this project, students are creating a company based on their Pathway choice and includes creating a company name, a logo, a mission statement, and an advertisement. Students also choose specific roles within the company and think about additional staff and equipment that would be needed. The students are designing creative and fantastic companies! These are examples from three projects. Great work 8th Grade!

Create a Company Project

Day 52: Mrs. Terreri’s Basketball Squad

The Practice Squad Reunited for the 2018 Girls Basketball Season. Thanks to the teachers who participated in playing against the girls as they prepare for a winning year! Team work, healthy competition, sportsmanship and problem solving all took place to try to beat “the squad.” Teachers are: Dan Lonsdale, Keith Bussom, Kelsey Faehner, Kristen Raught, Courtney Lepping, Courtney Webster, Tina Ricci, and Brandon Tinney.


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Day 48: Mrs. Ramage’s 7th and 8th Grade Chorus

Our 7th and 8th Grade singers stayed after school on Wednesday, November 7th to record our entry into this year’s MORE-FM Christmas Choir Contest. Although the entire group could not make it, we had an enthusiastic group who sang with energy and emotion and we were able to get a fantastic recording. The contest semi-finalists will be announced on Friday, November 23 and the contest takes place on November 26-29. More information to follow – get ready to vote for IVMS should we be selected!

Here’s our entry! We hope you LOVE it!

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Day 47: Mrs. Raught’s 8th Grade Guidance Class

In guidance class, 8th grade students are working on creating a company based on their career interests and Pathway they would have chosen for the high school next year. Pathway choices include Arts & Humanities, Health & Human Services, Business & Communications Technologies and Industrial & Engineering Technologies. Students will be presenting their companies to the class as well as creating an advertisement to promote their company.


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