Day 111: Miss Milligan’s 6th Grade ELA Class

Students in Miss Milligan’s 6th grade ELA class have been learning about different nonfiction text features. In this activity the students have a nonfiction book and are completing a nonfiction text features hunt. The students looked through different nonfiction books to find the different nonfiction text features that they have been learning about!

Day 110: Mrs. Van Benthem’s 7th Grade Math Class

Student’s are applying their skills and knowledge about solving and graphing proportional relationships by working together and solving problems on IXL.

Day 109: La clase de español con la Sra. Todd

As part of our food unit, students are completing a Tic Tac Toe grid where they choose to complete 3 activities for the unit. One of the activities is preparing a traditional dish from the Hispanic culture. We were warmed up this snowy day by some delicious treats! These included Magadalenas, a lemony breakfast muffin from Spain; Miguelitos, a flaky pastry with a chocolate creamy filling; torrijas, bread pudding similar to French toast usually served during Easter; and a Mexican pico de gallo salsa. Some other dishes not included in the pictures included paella, flan, gazpacho and alfajores. The students have shown a lot of talent in the kitchen! ¡Buen provecho!

Pico de Gallo

Day 108 Ms. Thomas 7th Grade Science

The students were studying cells and the type of organelles in each cell. The students could do a 3D model using different mediums, make a cell organelle book by comparing every day things to organelles, create a wrap or a documentary. The students then presented to their peers.

Day 105: Miss Toby’s 8th Grade Guidance Class

In our 8th Grade Guidance Class, students are working on an independent project in which they are exploring post-secondary options. For this project, students are comparing either two post-secondary options or two colleges/universities. They are researching a range of information for their choices, including the subject area that they would want to study, activities that they would want to be involved in, and options to help pay for post-secondary education. They will then present their findings to their class. Students are completing great research and work on their projects! Examples of the projects are below.

This is an additional piece to help further students’ career awareness and readiness. Last month, our 6th and 7th grade students completed career readiness activities, which included learning how to express their skills and qualities by creating “I Can vs. I Am” statements, relating subject area interests to career options, and researching job opportunities for teenagers. Students did a fantastic job reflecting on these career lessons! Great work, Everyone!

Day 104: Mrs. Terreri ES Class

Students participated in a STEM Activity with our student teachers. While applying the skills and strategies they learned with working in cooperative groups, students had to build the tallest tower in 5 minutes. Student could only use the string and rubber band given to them to stack the cups. We had a lot of fun!

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