Day 25-Mrs. Butler’s ELA Class

180 Pic180 Pic 1Students collaborating in Writing Workshop and Reading Independent Books in Reading Workshop


Day 24: IVMS Orchestra, Mrs. Clausz

Sixth grade students in the Orchestra are working hard on some fiddle music we have in our folders. Fiddle music is typically quick and active; you can see how much everyone is concentrating on reading this new music!

It is exciting to play music from different cultures in our class. The fiddle style of playing has roots in 14th Century Norway, Ireland and Scotland, but has now spread to many different parts of the world, like India, Israel, Turkey, and even our own Appalachian Mountains.

The students recently mastered a short piece written by an Austrian, Franz Joseph Haydn, which was dedicated to, and premiered in London, England! Coming soon, sixth grade will perfect what is considered the first national anthem of the United States, “Chester,” written by the first American-born composer, William Billings.

As you can see, one of the performance techniques we are polishing is always keeping the bow hair perpendicular to the string as we draw the bow across the instrument.  20181003_133957

Day 21 – Mrs. Bennett’s Science Class


7th grade science is starting a new unit on weather. Today students worked collaboratively to research the last week’s weather of various cities around the world. Students put their recent social studies geography skills to the test by locating their cities on the world map and presenting their findings to the class. We will continue to track weather around the world to identify patterns and eventually put our weather forecasting skills to the test.

Day 19-Mrs. Bano’s ELA Classes Take A Trip to Mars!

20180927_13004620180927_131235_001.jpgAfter reading short stories and exploring the NASA and Mars One dreams of future Mars colonization, students tried their hands at creating their own science fiction stories using a futuristic visual to guide them. They are focusing on the exposition and rising action of their story while adding in sensory details, action, and figurative language to hook their readers. Ray Bradbury would be proud of the creative ideas that were circulating around the classroom today!

Day 18: #whalesforacause

In Connections this afternoon, the whole school participated in the #whalesforacause initiative led by FirstBook and Vineyard Vines. For each whale drawing and social media post we upload, a book is donated to a child in need! Support this initiative like we did in school by checking out the hashtag online. Post on social media at home so more books get donated! #goIV #workingtogetherforgood

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