Day 49: Mrs. Sebra’s Classroom

Liam, a therapy dog, came to visit Valley to soak up all of the love from students and staff. We cannot wait for his next visit!


Day 48: Mrs. Ramage’s 7th and 8th Grade Chorus

Our 7th and 8th Grade singers stayed after school on Wednesday, November 7th to record our entry into this year’s MORE-FM Christmas Choir Contest. Although the entire group could not make it, we had an enthusiastic group who sang with energy and emotion and we were able to get a fantastic recording. The contest semi-finalists will be announced on Friday, November 23 and the contest takes place on November 26-29. More information to follow – get ready to vote for IVMS should we be selected!

Here’s our entry! We hope you LOVE it!

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Day 47: Mrs. Raught’s 8th Grade Guidance Class

In guidance class, 8th grade students are working on creating a company based on their career interests and Pathway they would have chosen for the high school next year. Pathway choices include Arts & Humanities, Health & Human Services, Business & Communications Technologies and Industrial & Engineering Technologies. Students will be presenting their companies to the class as well as creating an advertisement to promote their company.


Day 46: Mrs. Richart’s Grade 7 ELA Class

As a culminating activity for our Science Fiction genre study, students were asked to write the first half of a Sci-Fi story, stopping right at the climax. They then used these stories to create their own movie trailers. A “screening party” was held to view the creative results.


Day 44: Mrs. Meyers Reading Room

Amazing readers utilizing our Reading Challenges bulletin board. Three interactive bulletin boards in our school offer writing and reading enrichment for students that want to develop the complexity of their thinking in Language Arts.

Day 41: Mrs. Lepping’s 6th grade Math Class

For the past few days we have been working with ratio language and diagrams.  Today, we had use that understanding to help “Nana” fix a mistake that she had made with her paint color.  Nana had asked for 1 R to 5 W, but had meant to say 5 R to 1 W.  We had to work to get the ratio she wanted without getting rid of any paint. In the process we dove into the concept of equivalent ratios.

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