Day 52: Ms. Voigt’s 7th Grade Math

Working hard in accelerated math! Students today learned different way to write proportions. Here are just some of they examples we worked through.

Day 51: Mrs. VanBenthem 7th Grade ELA

Students are learning that there are different ways to respond to reading by writing. The different modalities include drawing a graphic novel or using both words and pictures. Check out our work!

Day 50: IVMS’s First Career Cafe!

Indian Valley is now hosting “Career Cafes,” (adapted from Kathleen Goodman, School Counselor) which are opportunities for all students in 6th-8th grade to attend a Career Speakers Presentation during their lunchtime. Once a Marking Period, speakers will present at 6th, 7th, and 8th grade lunches, and students will sign up to attend these presentations. Our first Career Cafe was on Friday, November 1st, and about 90 students attended across all three lunch periods! It was fantastic to see the students learn from our presenters’ educational and career experiences!

It is our goal for students to have the opportunity to learn about various careers throughout Middle School and to continually learn about their own skills, qualities, career, and post-secondary interests. Career Cafes are a great way for students to have these experiences and learn from professionals across many fields. 

For more information regarding “Career Cafes,” please see the following article written by Kathleen Goodman, School Counselor:

Day 48: Mrs. Terreri Social Skills

Helping our students learn how to work in groups, students were asked to, as a team, make a plan; organize the work; distribute roles; create a goal; and execute a plan in decorating their pumpkins. Check out their masterpieces!!

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