Day 13: Mr. Bussom 7th Grade Social Studies

Mr. Bussom ties in a quick Geography lesson while teaching his students about the fall of Rome.


Day 12: Ms. Voigt 7th Grade Math

Students completed an order of operations maze where they needed to solve the equation in order to know which direction they needed to go to next.

Day 11: Mrs. Gehman FOCUS Group

Today we kicked off our Focus Group! Our students are working on spreading kindness throughout the school. We began in the 6th grade hallways and posted a positive message on every student’s locker. Our goal is to move this throughout the entire school!

Day 10: Mrs. McGreevey 8th Grade Pre-Engineering

Students today hear from guest speakers that have chosen to lead a different lifestyle. This couple chooses to travel around the country in their truck and Airstreamer. Students listened to all the differences that this couple experiences versus that of their own life and take a tour inside their Airstreamer.

This presentation will inspire students for their tiny house project that they are beginning.

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