Day 101: Musical prep well-underway!

Mrs. Ramage and the 2020 Wrangler Ranch musical cast and crew have been hard at work memorizing lines, songs, blocking and choreography. We’ve been designing our set, gathering our costumes and practicing non-stop to prepare for our show on March 5, 6, and 7, 2020 at 7 PM. We sure hope you can join us, pardners!

Wrangler Ranch – Giddy-up!

Day 100: Mrs. Richart 8th Grade Social Studies

Eighth grade students are currently studying U.S. Government. After an in depth critique of the Articles of Confederation, classes analyzed the “replacement” document – the U.S. Constitution. Students then created pictorial representations of the Preamble.

Day 99: Pathways Presentations

Students from the High School came to present to 8th grade students about the four pathways that are offered: Arts & Humanities, Industry & Engineering, Business Communications and Health & Human Services. Students had to the opportunity to ask questions about scheduling, suggested elective classes to take related to their pathway and learn about mentorship opportunities available to them.

Day 95: Indian Valley's Annual Scripps Spelling Bee

30 IVMS students participated in the final round of our annual Scripps National Spelling Bee. Congratulations to all the participants. Libby Coombs won first place and will move onto the Montgomery County Scripps Spelling Bee. Shreeya Penugonda came in second, and Hampton Ramos placed third.

Our Winners!
30 IVMS students participated in the final round of our school’s Spelling Bee.

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