Day 119: Mrs. Van Wart’s 8th Grade Social Studies

This week students are being transported back in time to uncover the thoughts and motives of the Founding Fathers at the Constitutional Convention. They have learn about ‘their’ states views on representation, slavery and the set-up of the Executive Branch while working with others to step into the shoes of a Delegate…they even got to dress the part at times.

A Delegate from South Carolia getting into character
3 Delaware Delegates discussing the issues
Our own Ben Franklin even got in on the action!

Day 118: Mrs. Walter’s Just Words Class

Just Words® is a decoding and spelling program designed for students in grades 4–12 It is an instructional method that emphasizes the sounds and rules of our English language. Students learn decoding skills, build vocabulary, and improve spelling skills.

Day 117: Mr. Weir’s Social Studies Class

Today in American History class we took a tour of our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. We visited all of the houses of government from the White House to the Supreme Court and everywhere in between. We also dove into some of the Memorials to great leaders and some of the memorials to mark our nation’s most impactful wars. Finally, we explored some of the awesome museums out and about the city. Here are some pics!!

Day 115- Mrs. Voorhees Social Studies

The 7th grade students in Mrs. Voorhees’ class are learning about famous contributions from the Renaissance. Today they are learning about different styles of leadership and Machiavelli’s political advice. They are analyzing quotes and taking a self- quiz to learn their own leadership style. Students were grouped with other students who had the same leadership style. Students reflected and discussed how they felt about the results.

Day 112: Mrs. Iezzi’s 6th Grade ELA Class

When I revealed to my students in January that I am pregnant, the very first question everyone asked was, “When do you find out if it is a boy or a girl?” They have been patiently waiting 7 whole weeks for the big reveal. When I found out the gender last week, I cleverly decided to use it as a motivator. “You’ll find out if we work really hard this week finishing our pronoun unit.” I have never seen such dedication, focus, and commitment to pronouns. Seriously – these students worked hard both in and out of school practicing pronoun usage. I was happy to reward them today as we used Poll Everywhere to survey guesses of the gender and suggestions for a name. Well, it’s safe to say our son will not be named “Mrs. Iezzi, Jr,” but many excellent suggestions were given. Stay tuned!

Block 1/2 proudly posing in front of their correct guess.
Block 3/4
Block 5

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